Thermal Comfort & Overheating Analysis

Overheating in both residential and commercial buildings is becoming a common issue due to improved building fabric performances and an increase in air tightness driven by Building Regulation Standards. This is a particular issue for high rise or densely populated residential schemes.

In most cases overheating issues in UK buildings can be resolved through the careful design of a suitable natural ventilation system. NuPlanet Sustainable Solutions are able to undertake detailed thermal analysis of your building to help determine the most appropriate solution.

Our experts are able to assess your building against specific standards such as CIBSE TM52 & CIBSE TM59 to ensure any overheating issues are reduced.

We are able to carry out Overheating Assessments at the early concept stage to demonstrate that overheating & air conditioning use is reduced on major developments within London as required in the London Plan. These reports can also be used to support targeted credits within a BREEAM Assessment.

Please contact us by calling 01273 739324 or email us here to discuss any planned projects and how we can help reduce overheating issues in your building.

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