Lighting Design

NuPlanet Lighting Solutions offer independent lighting consultancy; we design innovative and inspirational lighting schemes for a wide range of projects for both residential and commercial properties. NuPlanet Lighting Solutions combine an understanding of how light works within the built environment with our knowledge of luminaires and control systems.

Lighting is a key factor to creating the ambience you require. NuPlanet Lighting Solutions specialise in delivering an affordable design service guaranteed to provide you with an exceptional end result. As an independent lighting consultancy we pride ourselves in delivering innovative and energy efficient solutions. Our experience will save you time, money and ensure we create a home or work place you are proud of.

We are a completely independent design company and have no commercial links with companies involved in the manufacture, supply or installation of lighting equipment.

NuPlanet Sustainable Solutions offer cost effective advice throughout the assessment process. For a quotation please call us on 01273 739324 or email us here.

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