London Plan Energy Statements

The London Energy Plan sets out a range of policies to help tackle climate change. It is particularly relevant to the construction industry with Policy 5.2 detailing specific requirements for sustainable development in the Greater London area.

Currently, residential projects are required to achieve zero carbon which is normally achieved through building design for the first 35% and then cash in-lieu payments for the remainder. Local Boroughs might also have additional policies that need to be considered. These could include minimum percentage of on-site energy generation, use of materials, access & transport, cycle storage, recycling & waste management, water consumption etc.

Our Consultants are experienced in writing supporting London Plan Energy Statements to meet the requirements set out in each London Borough. This will include setting out the initial strategy, undertaking the relevant calculations, and conducting dynamic modelling to assess any overheating issues. Our reports are set out using the required Energy Hierarchy – Be Lean, Be Clean, Be Green.

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