Energy Strategy Reports

A growing number of Local Authorities throughout the UK are requesting an Energy Strategy Report as part of a planning application submission to demonstrate that the proposed development is being designed to meet energy efficiency standards that are imposed by national planning policies.

Energy Strategy reports or Energy Statements are designed to address the requirement to reduce the carbon footprint of the building beyond the requirements of current regulations and market standards. This is done through adopting an energy hierarchy which follows three main principles:

Passive Design Features (Be Lean) – This looks at the performance of the building fabric elements, the ventilation strategy, and the passive design measures.

Energy efficiency measures (Be Clean) – This considers the energy efficiency of the heating, cooling and hot water systems. It looks at the possibility of linking into community or district heating schemes.

Low & Zero Carbon Technologies (Be Green) – This involves carrying out a feasibility study into the suitability of on-site renewable technologies to help generate energy, heat, and cooling throughout the building.

Our Sustainable Design Consultants will develop an Energy Statement or Energy Strategy for your development to help highlight a viable solution to achieve a low carbon solution. We will use our experience and knowledge to undertake a feasibility study to assist the client to understand the energy demand of their development. Any identified solutions will give the client the opportunity to assess improvement in both capital and life cycle costs.

Our reports can help identify possible funding through available grants such as the Feed in Tariff (FIT’s), and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

This report can be submitted as part of a planning application to demonstrate the achievable carbon reduction in your development

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