Energy Modelling & Building Physics

NuPlanet Sustainable Solutions are CIBSE accredited Low Carbon Consultants, certified in the use of a number of different modelling software packages including Stroma SAP, IES Virtual Environmental & PHPP.

We are able to carry out dynamic modelling of both commercial and residential buildings to help evaluate how a building will perform when considering things like shading & solar gain, thermal mass, natural ventilation, daylight & sunlight, insulation performances & heat loss, as well as analysing the possible risks of summertime overheating.

Energy modelling is an important tool that should be considered at the early concept stage of a planned project to ensure maximum benefit is achieved. The model can then be used to confirm Part L compliance and generate the final Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). It can also be used to confirm available credits within a BREEAM Assessment.

Please contact us by calling 01273 739324 or email us here to discuss any planned projects and how we can assist with any energy modelling requirements.

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