Acoustic Testing & Certification – Part E

UK Building Regulations require pre-completion Sound Insulation Tests to be carried out on new and converted residential dwellings where Robust Details have not been used. All Part E sound insulation tests are undertaken in accordance with BS EN ISO 140 and results are calculated according to the method given in BS EN ISO 717.

On completion of your tests, you will be provided with your ANC Test Certificate, in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-4 and BS EN ISO 140-7. You will also receive a report detailing the sound insulation testing results and our recommendations.

As required by The Building Regulations (England & Wales) Part E, all engineers carrying out NuPlanet acoustic testing can provide sound insulation testing through a partnership with an ANC Association of Noise Consultants Registration Scheme Member.

Our testing engineers provide a professional service at a reasonable price. Please get in touch to discuss how NuPlanet Sustainable Solutions can help with your planned project by calling us on 01273 739324 or email us here.

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