Ventilation strategy, design & testing – Part F

Getting the ventilation right in your building is critical, especially in a building that has been designed to a very high air tight standard, which is the case with many new buildings since the new changes to Part L of the Building Regulations in April 2014.

Air tightness within a building will certainly reduce CO2 emissions and heating bills by ensuring the heating system does not have to keep replacing warm air lost through the building fabric. However, a very air tight building can result in high levels of humidity and a stuffy feel, which can cause the occupant to feel high levels of discomfort.

Part F of the Building Regulations deals with this by introducing more stringent ventilation requirements for buildings designed to be more air tight (an air permeability rate of 5.0 m3 /m2 /hr @ 50Pa or less). This may require the use of mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery (MVHR), particularly in flats and smaller dwellings.

NuPlanet’s sustainability consultants can undertake the necessary calculations and advise you on the most cost effective way of ensuring the ventilation strategy is the most efficient in delivering a comfortable building.

Building Regulations Part F 2010 states that ventilation systems are installed, inspected and commissioned with a 3 Part sign-off sheet given to Building Control.

Our engineers are all BPEC accredited which means we can balance and commission your ventilation system to help gain the maximum benefits with your Part L1a SAP assessment.

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