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Completed 2018


The Paragon House is low energy, low impact detached house in Worthing, West Sussex. It was built on the site of an old double garage and back garden.

NuPlanet had been appointed at the early concept stage to develop the scheme that would be super-efficient, considered to its surroundings, low maintenance, whilst keeping an eye on the commercial value of such a project.

The proposal was to adopt a fabric first approach using Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF), super insulated floor and flat roof, and efficient windows. Consideration was made to ensure air tightness with a final test result of 1m3/hm2@50pa. Careful consideration was then taken to ensure that suitable controlled ventilation was included through MVHR. Various smart cost effect controls were then included to allow the home user to have total control.


Planning reports -

Energy Report

Building Analysis -

PHPP modelling & IES analysis to assess overheating, daylight & sunlight, and natural ventilation

Building compliance -

Energy assessment, Water calculations, Air pressure testing, Sound Insulation testing

Building Services Design -

A full building services design was undertaken, including detailed lighting design

Low energy building design -

PHPP & DesignPH modelling to improve thermal comfort & energy efficiency

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