Home Quality Mark (HQM)

NuPlanet Sustainable Solutions are strong supporters of the new Home Quality Mark Standard (HQM). We have been instrumental in helping develop the new standard through the provision of a case study project which has been used to develop the final Technical Guide.

Through our understanding of the HQM our consultants can help you deliver cost effective, efficient homes for the future.

What is the Home Quality Mark?

The Home Quality Mark was launched by BRE on 3 March 2015.  The scheme builds on the success of the Code for Sustainable Homes.  Compliance with the Home Quality Mark enables home builders to demonstrate the high quality of their homes in order to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.  It will also secure compliance with the requirements of the forthcoming reissue of the Building Regulations.
For homebuyers, they will have the confidence that any new home with the HQM mark is well designed, well built and cost effective to run.

Home Quality Mark – How can NuPlanet Help you?

We will be providing a range of Home Quality Mark services from initial advice to full assessment, suited to the individual requirements of each individual project.

NuPlanet is able to provide a holistic approach which blends performance and compliance to ensure homes meet the BRE’s new sustainability standard.  Our experience and technical knowledge will ensure your developments stand above the competition.

NuPlanet also offer a range of complementary services that will assist in maximising the available performance of your proposed development, including:

  • BREEAM assessors
  • SAP/SBEM assessment
  • Air Tightness
  • Sound insulation testing
  • Daylight assessments
  • Home User Guide development

NuPlanet Sustainable Solutions offer cost effective advice throughout the assessment process. For a quotation please call us on 01273 739324 or email us here.


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